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Newsletter 01:
Issue No. 1 was released on 18 January 2016. Download the pdf here.. [1.77MB]

Contents for Issue No. 01
1. Introduction to the BIRDS Project
2. The Mission Statement
3. Profile of project members (students)
4. Mission Design Summary (from Taiwo)
5. Ground Station Network
6. Mission Design Review
7. ANUC of Ghana becomes the first official overseas member of the BIRDS Project

Newsletter 02:
Issue No. 2 was released on 24 March 2016. Download the pdf here.. [4.63MB]

Contents for Issue No. 02
1. BIRDS Project Photo Contest
2. PDR (Preliminary Design Review)
3. One-month visit by Dr. Balt Suvdantsetseg
4. Student Apiwat (Thailand) attends JAMSAT Symposium of 2016, and makes report
5. Subsystem Summary #1: Structure
6. Subsystem Summary #2: Digi-Singer
7. Subsystem Summary #3: POS (Position)
8. Subsystem Summary #4: ATM (Atmosphere)
9. A Very Good Video by our Mongolian Team

Newsletter 03:
Issue No. 3 was released on 16 April 2016. Download the pdf here.. [3.44MB]

Contents for Issue No. 03
1. Subsystem Summary #5:  COM
2. Subsystem Summary #6: OBC
3. Subsystem Summary #7: CAM
4. Photo Report: Ground station in Thailand
5. Photo Report: Ground station in Ghana
6. Videos by Team Bangladesh
7. More pics of ANUC-Kyutech signing ceremony on 6 January 2016

Newsletter 04:
Issue No. 4 was released on 16 May, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [3.53MB]

Contents for Issue No. 04
1. BIRDS students meet two JAXA engineers
2. Ni-MH Battery Screening Process
3. BIRDS Golden Week Barbeque & Cooking Contest
4. Winners of the cooking contest
5. Subsystem Summary #8: EPS
6. Subsystem Summary #9: Antenna System
7. Subsystem Summary #10: SEL
8. BIRDS Project explained at RAST, Radio Amateur Society of Thailand
9. News from the ground station of ANUC, Ghana
10. BIRDS Summer Workshop (formal title: First International BIRDS Project Workshop and CDR)

Newsletter 05:
Issue No. 5 was released on 19 June, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [5.24MB]

Contents for Issue No. 05
1. BIRDS Workshop: Welcome message from Japan Team
2. BIRDS Workshop: Welcome message from Ghana Team
3. BIRDS Workshop: Welcome message from Mongolia Team
4. BIRDS Workshop: Welcome message from Nigeria Team
5. BIRDS Workshop: Welcome message from Bangladesh Team
6. Delivery of Structure and Thermal Tests Model (STM)
7. Battery Screening Overview
8. Press coverage of BIRDS in Bangladesh
9. The first BIRDS article to appear in the Japanese news media
10. Subsystem Summary #11: ADCS (Attitude Determination . . .)
11. Ground Station in Taiwan
12. Assembly of the EM (Engineering Model)

Newsletter 06:
Issue No. 6 was released on 12 July, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [4.63MB]

Contents for Issue No. 06
1. BIRDS Project described during 2016 COPUOS Meeting in Vienna
2. BIRDS Workshop: The program (agenda)
3. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 1 Overseas guests arrive from Ghana, Mongolia, Malaysia, etc.
4. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 1 Tour of LaSEINE lab facilities
5. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 1 Afternoon of Day 1 (lunch, talks by each country, LOI, etc.)
6. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 1 Official Group Photo of the workshop
7. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 1 Workshop reception (in Kokura)
8. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 2 Critical Design Review (CDR)
9. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 3 Press Conference
10. BIRDS Workshop: DAY 3 “Letter of Intent” (LOI) Signing Ceremony
11. BIRDS Workshop: Output of the Press Conference: article by Yomi-uri Newspaper
12. BIRDS Workshop: Output of the Press Conference: article by Mai-nichi Newspaper
13. BIRDS Workshop: BIRDS Project presented on TV in Bangladesh (television news)
14. Tobata Gion Oyamagasa Festival
15. UN supports Basic Space Science – research, education, and applications; this is a book review.

Newsletter 07:
Issue No. 7 was released on 11 August, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [5.79MB]

Contents for Issue No. 07
1. Official name of each BIRDS satellite
2. Antenna pattern test in anechoic chamber
3. Work begins on the BIRDS Ground Station
4. Tobata Gion Oyama-gasa Festival
5. Kukinoumi Fireworks Festival
6. Installation of hardware at the Tainan (NCKU) Ground Station
7. Thermal vacuum testing of multiple cubesats
8. Vibration testing: why and how?

Newsletter 08:
Issue No. 8 was released on 15 September, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [3.45MB]

Contents of issue no. 08
1. Mainichi Newspaper interviews the Bangladesh Team
2. The weekly BIRDS Project meeting (a sample)
3. Royal Government of Bhutan announces its participation in BIRDS-2
4. Mongolia's first satellite (BIRDS) announced in Mongolia's news media
5. BIRDS team goes to Saga to take FCC Amateur Radio License exam
6. Newspaper in Ghana talks about the BIRDS Project
7. BIRDS members will participate in “2016 World Space Week in Kitakyushu”
8. Management aspects of the BIRDS Project
9. Two BIRDS students participate in the 60th Space Science and Tech. Conf. at Hakodate
10. BIRDS Research Coordinator G. Maeda travels to Sudan and Ethiopia
11. Kyutech International Coordinator S. Kikuchi travels to Mongolia

Newsletter 09:
Issue No. 9 was released on 19 October, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [1.77MB]

Contents of issue no. 09
1. Congratulations to all who passed the FCC amateur radio license exam of 3 Sept 2016
2. BIRDS mentioned in Issue No. 884 of “Kyutech Journal”
3. BIRDS mentioned at Small Sat 2016 (Utah State, USA)
4. JAXA mentions BIRDS at “Mexico-Japan Education Forum” during 2016 IAC Mexico
5. Good news from NUM (National University of Mongolia)
6. Innovative educational aspects of BIRDS presented at 2016 IAC Mexico
7. Announcement regarding United Nations/Japan Long-term Fellowship Programme on Nano-Satellite Technologies (Kitakyushu, Japan)
8. BIRDS members participate in Kitakyushu’s World Space Week (a global UN event)
9. Taiwo (the Project Manager) will present the project at UNISEC-Global@Bulgaria

Newsletter 10:
Issue No. 10 was released on 13 November, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [4.41MB]

Contents of issue no. 10
1. BIRDS students talk at Meisenkai branch of Kurume
2. NUM announces at the UN its involvement in the BIRDS Project
3. UNOOSA recognizes Kyutech’s capacity building achievements, including BIRDS
4. Departure from Narita for UNISEC-Global in Bulgaria
5. FBS TV (local TV station) shoots BIRDS work for a documentary
6. Project Manager Taiwo presents BIRDS Project at UNISEC-Global in Bulgaria
7. Latest photos of some of the BIRDS ground stations around the world
8. Bhutan students (BIRDS-2) have audience with their prime minister
9. Bhutan news media covers the nation’s first step into space
10. Bhutan students arrive at Kyutech
11. Group photos of BIRDS-1 and BIRDS-2 teams
12. BIRDS-2 Project Kick-Off Meeting

Newsletter 11:
Issue No. 11 was released on 18 December, 2016. Download the pdf here.. [5.16MB]

Contents of issue no. 11
1. BIRDS Ice breaker Lunch
2. BIRDS covered extensively at 2016 APRSAF through three presentations
3. BIRDS participates in Kyutech Student Festival
4. Profile of Reuben Jikeme Umunna – new member of the BIRDS-1 Team
5. The work of Salehin Kibria in the BIRDS Project
6. BIRDS-1_EM_V2 Long Distance Communication Test
7. Introducing Mr Mainbayar Altansukh of Mongolia
8. Milestones of frequency coordination for BIRDS
9. BIRDS-3
10. The Mongolian team, plus two visitors from Mongolia
11. Deadline reminder for 2017 PNST applications
12. Introducing Prof. Duger Ulam-Orgikh of Mongolia
13. Management of ANU (Ghana) visits KMUTNB (Thailand)
14. Each team undergoes rigorous practice for solar panel attachment
15. BIRDS engineers do ground operation practice with actual HORYU-4 passes
16. Azami and Syazana (both UiTM of Malaysia) join BIRDS-2 Team
17. Full-discharge-and-recovery test on the batteries
18. Introducing Prof. Mohammad Tariqul Islam
19. BIRDS-2 students sit amateur radio license exam

Newsletter 12:
Issue No. 12 was released on 13 January, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [3.98MB]

Contents of issue no. 12
1. Thanks and farewell to Salehin (who helped BIRDS-1 on antenna issues)
2. BIRDS-1 and BIRDS-2 mentioned during Joint Session of SEU-WG and ST-WG of recent APRSAF
3. BIRDS-2 Team celebrates 109th National Day of Bhutan
4. BIRDS students Bonsu (Ghana) and Ibukun (Nigeria) present at “SAES_2016” symposium
5. BIRDS-1 engaged in assembly of Flight Models
6. TV film crew comes from Mongolia to Kyutech
7. Explanation of Kyutech’s logo
8. Filming TV in Kitakyushu
9. BIRD-2 MDR (Mission Definition Review)
10. Celebration of BIRDS-2 MDR completion, and the completion of Year 2016
11. New Year Greetings from the BIRDS-1 Team (in the assembly clean room)
12. Paper to be published soon: Classification of Countries Worldwide according to Satellite Activity Level, by J.Polansky and M.Cho.
13. To communicate with BIRDS satellites you must have a valid radio operator's license
14. Ground Station (GS) of UiTM --- a status report
15. Thermal Test Plan for BIRDS-1 Flight Models

Newsletter 13:
Issue No. 13 was released on 24 February, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [6.54MB}

Contents of issue no. 13
1. Visiting scholars – welcome Dr. Werner Balogh of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs
2. Space Engineering Seminar of SEIC
3. The +Y side of each BIRDS-1 satellite has a special “country pattern”
4. BIRDS Project discussed on nation-wide television in Mongolia
5. BIRDS Students Taiwo and Turo give 20-minute talks at lean satellite standards workshop in Tokyo
6. International Workshop on lean Satellite Standardization – 2017
7. Call signs are given to BIRDS-1 !
8. Students (including BIRDS-2) visit Karato Fish Market for Japanese cultural experience
9. Dr Donkor (President of ANUC, Ghana) visits Kyutech for planning discussions
10. Mr Korpong of King Mongkut's University (N.Bangkok) visits Kyutech and BIRDS
11. Developer of BIRDS-1 and -2 patch antennas invited as a keynote speaker
12. Thermal vacuum test of BIRDS-1 Flight Models – 4 units simultaneously
13. BIRDS Antenna system test and development
14. FM Integration and Vibration Testing
15. Completion of the BIRDS flight models – press conference held at Kyutech in the AM
16. In the PM, a press conference was held for the benefit of the media in Bangladesh
17. The Flight Models go to JAXA (Tsukuba Space Center)
18. BIRDS at Tsukuba: Photos provided by JAXA
19. Lessons learnt by BIRDS-1 – transmitted to BIRDS-2 members
20. General announcement: First International Workshop on Smallsats for Space Weather Research and Forecasting (SSWRF)
21. Antara receives award for outstanding mid-term presentation from Prof. Honda

Newsletter 14:
Issue No. 14 was released on 28 March, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [2.31MB]

Contents of issue no. 14
1. The importance of UNISPACE + 50
2. Celebration of the delivery of five BIRDS-1 satellites to JAXA (which was done on 9 Feb.)
3. Visitors from National Univ. of Mongolia, and from King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok
4. Student Nakamura presents BIRDS at Kyutech small sat workshop
5. Space Policy Strategy – making ten year plans
6. KMUTNB Ground Station
7. Planned location for the UiTM BIRDS Ground Station, in Malaysia

Newsletter 15:
Issue No. 15 was released on 30 April, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [8.99MB]

Contents of issue no. 15
1. BIRDS-2 PDR (Preliminary Design Review)
2. Video conference between Antenna Team (UiTM) and BIRDS-2 Representatives
3. Progress presentation at UiTM
4. Call sign for UiTM Ground Station
5. Taiwo interviewed by “Fukuoka Now“
6. Kyutech-UiTM business meeting
7. SEIC/BIRDS students do farewell lunch for Dr Werner Balogh on 28 March 2017
8. Interview with Dr. Joel Joseph S. Marciano, Jr., of DOST in the Philippines
9. Interview with Rei Kawashima, Secretary General, UNISEC
10. The President of Ghana is presented with a mock-up of GhanaSat 1 (a BIRDS-1 cubesat)
11. Cherry blossoms are in bloom – the most beautiful time of the year in Japan
12. Dr Suvdaa publishes capacity building paper in Mongolian Journal of Strategic Studies
13. Bhutan students are formally admitted in Kyutech
14. ITU issues IFIC (Int'l Frequency Info Circular) for BIRDS-1; hence NASA can launch all five BIRDS-1
15. BIRDS-2 Team celebrates completion of their PDR
16. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-01: ADCS - Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS)
17. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-02: AMR-MM Mission
18. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-03: Antenna Design
19. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-04: APRS-DP Mission
20. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-05: Camera Mission
21. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-06: Communication Subsystem and Ground Station Network
22. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-07: COTS GPS Mission
23. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-08: OBC Subsystem
24. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-09: SEL Mission
25. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-10: Store-and-Forward Mission

Newsletter 16:
Issue No. 16 was released on 29 May, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [4.49MB]

Contents of issue no. 16
1. News about Bhutan's first satellite (BIRDS-2) is covered by newspaper in Bhutan
2. Golden Week Lunch for the BIRDS-2 Team (another event to celebrate the completion of the PDR)
3. BIRDS-1 Team Member has written an outreach guide for receiving BIRDS signals with a home-made antenna
4. Trip report to Ghana
5. Trip report to Nigeria
6. Tokyo unveils its logo for international branding
7. UPD Members of the BIRDS-2 are interviewed by ANC of the Philippines
8. Operational rehearsal of BIRDS-1 (preparing for the operation of five BIRDS-1 satellites while on orbit)
9. “The Big Power of the Small Sat Revolution” (Via Satellite “VS” Magazine)
10. Satellite news at the ANUC's main website (Ghana)
11. Great new video by the BIRDS-1 Bangladesh Team – check it out
12. Fellowship Program of: The Matsumae International Foundation
13. June Launch of BIRDS-1: Press Release by the Bangladesh Team
14. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-11: EPS (Electrical Power System)
15. BIRDS-2 Subsystem Report-12: Structure
16. Tentative plan for the BIRDS-2 CDR of July 18-19
17. Profiles of the BIRDS-2 Team Members
18. Viewing the launch of BIRDS-1 via the Web

Newsletter 17:
Issue No. 17 was released on 26 June, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [6.77MB]

Contents of issue no. 17
1. BRAC Founder and its Chairman Sir Fazle Hasan Abed formally inaugurated the ground station of BRAC University
2. Altitude of the ISS for the past year
3. How does the ISS orbit the earth?
4. BIRDS members participate in local sports events – experiencing more of Japan
5. The SpaceX@Florida launch that did not happen
6. Trip Report to Mongolia
7. Princess Mako’s visit to Bhutan covered by the media in Japan and in Bhutan
8. BIRDS-Bangladesh covered by leading print newspaper in Bangladesh
9. Successful launch of the BIRDS-1 constellation aboard Falcon 9 rocket
10. CRS-11's Dragon successfully captured by the ISS
11. Photos from the launch site (Pad 39A of the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center)
12. Some of the messages received regarding the successful launch
13. The launch is covered by Nigerian television
14. The launch is viewed by the FUTA community (in Nigeria)
15. The status of BIRDS-2 Frequency Coordination (FC)
16. Prof. Cho makes a presentation at June 2017 COPUOS Meeting in Vienna
17. YouTube site for viewing the deployment of BIRDS-1
18. What is Tana Bata Day?
19. Tobata Gion Oyamagasa Festival
20. BIRDS-1 of Ghana covered by its media
21. For SEIC and BIRDS students, Dr. Amelia Greig teaches rocket propulsion course
22. The BIRDS Session during recent ISTS meeting in Matsuyama
23. Kyutech BIRDS members conduct outreach at Kurume University
24. Some photos from Bhutan
25. Concerning the first signals of BIRDS-1 satellites after ISS release
26. BIRDS-2 student Adrian discusses store-and-forward during SEIC Lunch Time Seminar
27. Proposed BIRDS-1 QSL card by Ghana
28. Proposed BIRDS-1 QSL card by Mongolia
29. Proposed BIRDS-1 QSL card by Nigeria
30. Proposed BIRDS-1 QSL card by Bangladesh
31. Kafi is awarded second prize for Best Poster at ISTS
32. First meeting of the BIRDS Ground Station Operator Network
33. Team Bangladesh trip to home
34. BIRDS-1 news story on Nigerian television, as ISS deployment approaches
35. The current schedule of the BIRDS-2 CDR of 18th July, which starts at 13:00
36. Upcoming space technology events – message from the United Nations
37. The 2-day CDR event of BIRDS-2 on 18 and 19 July 2017

Newsletter 18:
Issue No. 18 was released on 30 July, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [9.34MB]

Contents of issue no. 18
1. Yeshey gives a public talk on "Bhutan in Space" at Kyutech Library
2. The first general paper about the BIRDS Project goes back to November of 2015
3. JSPS funding for 3 years of BIRDS International Workshops
4. Apiwat (BIRDS-1 member) recently visited Kyutech
5. On 27 June, Dr Amelia Greig formally received her Letter of Appointment to Kyutech
6. All back issues of the LaSEINE Annual Report are available on line
7. Delivery of BIRDS-1 to the ISS is reported in APRSAF News Mail No. 150
8. Prof Shibata (robotics research, Kyutech) promotes SEIC at AIR in India
9. BIRDS Project written up in the LaSEINE Annual Report (issued in March of 2017)
10. Japan changes landing permission sticker
11. Kyutech welcomes Miss Gladys Oppong of Ghana to inspect BIRDS activities
12. Watch BIRDS-1 FM assembly in fast-motion video
13. BIRDS-2 Solar Panel Assembly Practice
14. Announcement from the Malaysians of BIRDS-2
15. Deployment Viewing at JAXA Tsukuba Space Center, non-JAXA photos
16. Deployment Viewing at JAXA Tsukuba Space Center, JAXA photos
17. BIRDS-1 deployment viewing in Thailand
18. Naadam Celebration by Kyutech Mongolians
19. JA1GDE sent a signal report for BIRDS-1
20. DK3WN sent a signal report for BIRDS-1
21. Assembly of BIRDS-2 Engineering Model EM-1 on 15 July 2017
22. Arrival of the 5-person delegation of Bhutan for the BIRDS-2 CDR
23. Report by Ms. Gladys Yaa Saah Oppong on her recent visit to Kyutech
24. Nikkei writes about the deployment of BIRDS-1 constellation
25. “Certificates of Appreciation” given out during BIRDS-1 Deployment Party
26. Report on the ground station in the Philippines
27. Tobata Gion Yamagasa Festival was attended by many members of BIRDS
28. BIRDS-2 Logo
29. BIRDS-2: Antenna gain and radiation pattern measurement
30. BIRDS-2: Structure assembly procedure
31. BIRDS-2: Vibration test activity

Newsletter 19:
Issue No. 19 was released on 25 August, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [4.95MB]

Contents of issue no. 19
1. BIRDS-1 of Nigeria (“EduSat-1”) is described in The Nigerian Tribune
2. Day 1 of the BIRDS-2 CDR (the next few pages)
3. Day 2 of the BIRDS-2 CDR (the next few pages)
4. The departure of the UiTM delegation
5. The visit to Kyutech by UiTM is written up at the website of UiTM
6. Check out this popular beer joint the next time you visit Kitakyushu
7. Dr. Werner Balogh receives BIRDS-1 Certificate of Appreciation during INSPIRE Workshop
8. Steps were taken to register BIRDS-1 names with NORAD
9. A new age for remote sensing -- using nimble satellites
10. Some BIRDS-1 articles that appeared in the press in Bangladesh this year
11. BRAC ONNESHA ground station operation
12. A Russian Web article about BIRDS-1
13. An Ukrainian web article about Kyutech’s BIRDS Project

Newsletter 20:
Issue No. 20 was released on 18 September, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [7.70MB]

Contents of issue no. 20
1. An outstanding video by JAXA about JAXA-Kyutech collaboration (BIRDS-1)
2. Events – UNOOSA … especially UNISPACE+50
3. Malaysians of BIRDS-2 offer celebration event for the entire BIRDS-2 team
4. BIRDS Project is one of three finalists for the GEDC-Airbus Diversity Award
5. Messages from BIRDS members who return to their homelands this month
6. Update of the camera mission of BIRDS-2
7. Reminder: The Ten Rules of the BIRDS Project (for students)
8. Reminder: The 2nd BIRDS International Workshop, in Ghana
9. The current situation of the BIRDS-2 antenna system
10. Three BIRDS students attend UN symposium in Austria
11. BIRDS students participate in LaSEINE Summer Camp at a retreat in Oita Prefecture

Newsletter 21:
Issue No. 21 was released on 25 October, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [8.89MB]

Contents of issue no. 21
1. Prof Cho discusses BIRDS at COSPAR in Korea
2. BIRDS written up in Issue No. 26 of the APRSAF NEWSLETTER
3. PNST (the UN-Kyutech Fellowship) is recognized during Global Networking Forum at 2017 IAC
4. JAXA exhibits at 2017 IAC
5. BIRDS students deliver presentations at IAC
6. Mr Benjamin Bonsu (Ghana, BIRDS-1) receives award at IAC
7. LaSEINE welcomes new students (including many BIRDS students) with BBQ
8. BIRDS-3 Kick Off Meeting of 4 October 2017
9. Ground station report from Sri Lanka – a member of the BIRDS-3 Project
10. A short article about the BIRDS Project Newsletter
11. Two space videos worth seeing (both at YouTube)
12. Apiwat met UN space expert in Bangkok on 16th Sept 2017
13. NUM celebrates its 75th anniversary and Kyutech/BIRDS receives special recognition
14. BIRDS Project wins Airbus-GEDC Award for Diversity in Engineering
15. Friday, 13 Oct. 2017: Activities of BIRDS-3 team
16. In support of BIRDS and other space activities, UiTM opens “Center for Satellite Communication” on 10 August 2017
17. World Space Week (WSW) celebrated at Kyutech
18. The bus system of BIRDS-2
19. The BIRDS-2 GPS mission in brief
20. Nepal signs BIRDS-3 CRA Application
21. Update on the store-and-forward mission of BIRDS-2
22. Small party to celebrate the taking of First Place of 2017 GEDC Airbus Diversity Award

Newsletter 22:
Issue No. 22 was released on 30 November, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [4.47MB]

Contents of issue no. 22
1. Post-graduate study on Nano-Satellite Technologies (PNST) has been renewed
2. JAXA recognizes “GEDC Airbus Diversity Award” going to the BIRDS Satellite Project
3. Preparing for the 2nd BIRDS Int’l Workshop in Ghana
4. More news on the GDEC Airbus Diversty Award given to BIRDS
5. Hawks (baseball team) takes the championship in Japan
6. BIRDS Project mentioned at UN/Russia workshop on human capacity building
7. The kind of pics possible with passive attitude control (from Horyu-4)
8. The 2nd BIRDS International Workshop was held in Ghana, 20-23 November 2017
9. Call for papers – first conference convened by new Center for Satellite Communication
10. JAXA announces Kibo Utilization Strategy – download the pdf from Web
11. Mr Stephen David Taabu (Makerere University, Uganda) explains BIRDS Project at his university
12. Store and Forward Mission (S&F) Implementation in Bhutan
13. Self intro by Noraisyah – joining the UiTM team on the BIRDS-2 Project
14. GST development at UPD (Philippines)
15. Review of recent BIRDS-3 activities
16. BIRDS at SSTC in Niigata
17. BIRDS at APSCC youth development workshop in Tokyo
18. Update on StoFow at UiTM

Newsletter 23:
Issue No. 23 was released on 25 December, 2017. Download the pdf here.. [16.6MB]

Contents of issue no. 23
1. Post-graduate study on Nano-Satellite Technologies (PNST) has been renewed
2. LaSEINE members – group photo
3. Winning design of “Lean Sat Logo Competition”
4. The 15th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference in Kobe in June of 2018
5. Int'l Space Exploration Forum (ISEF2), side events
6. “Space Girls”, a book published in Japan
7. PNST and Space Law/Policy course mentioned at UN symposium in South Africa
8. 2017 PNST Symposium was convened at Kyutech
9. Prof Tariqul and Dr Huzaimy commence their 2017 4th quarter courses at SEIC
10. Work Breakdown and Product Breakdown session of BIRDS-3
11. Profiles of the members of BIRDS-3 Team
12. BIRDS-3 Activities during Nov-Dec, 2017 (1)
13. BIRDS-3 Activities during Nov-Dec, 2017 (2)
14. Special photo report on UN/South Africa Symposium, by Senior of Namibia
15. 27-year-old “Space World”, an icon of the Kitakyushu area, will close it gates this month
16. A discussion on NanoRacks Cubesat Deployer, and JAXA’s deployer
17. Introducing Dr. Noraisyah of UiTM, Malaysia
18. Yomiuri Newspaper interviews several members of BIRDS -1 -2 and -3 on 20 Dec 2017
19. International Conference on Space Weather and Satellite Application
20. Second BIRDS International Workshop – Ghana

Newsletter 24:
Issue No. 24 was released on 29 January, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [13.8MB]

Contents of issue no. 24
1. BIRDS-3 MDR (Mission Definition Review)
2. Photo of BIRDS-2 Team taken with the OVCAM of the BIRDS-2 satellite
3. How to adapt to a fast-changing world
4. Assembling FM (flight models) is serious business
5. Media news on the Nov-2017 BIRDS Workshop in Ghana
6. Ghanian Times of 21 Nov 2017
7. BIRDS-1 Team invited by Airbus to its Japan Office
8. Potluck dinner of BIRDS-2 and BIRDS-3
9. VC of Nepal NAST visits Kyutech to sign BIRDS-3 CRA
10. BIRDS-3 logo contest
11. International Workshop on Lean Satellite – 2018
12. BIRDS written up in the Airbus Japan Newsletter of October 2017
13. Nepal clears a major hurdle for funding its BIRDS-3 project
14. Prof. Mwangi Mbuthia (Univ. of Nairobi) discusses BIRDS-4 at Kyutech
15. 2018 International Conference of Space Weather and Satellite Application (ICeSSAT 2018)
16. Thermal vacuum testing of the flight models of BIRDS-2; and handover of FMs to JAXA
17. “First Ground Station Operation Workshop” at Kyutech
18. BIRDS-3 Activities of Dec 2017 - Jan 2018 - by Abhas
19. BIRDS-3 ski trip to Hiroshima on 8 January 2018
20. Subscribe to JoSS: Journal of Small Satellites
21. Prof. Jordi Puig-Suari delivers special lecture to the students of SEIC and BIRDS
22. Yomiuri Newspaper discusses Bhutan BIRDS-2 effort
23. Update on the BIRDS-2 Project as it approaches delivery to JAXA

Newsletter 25:
Issue No. 25 was released on 27 February, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [13.4MB]

Contents of issue no. 25
1. More photos of BIRDS-2 thermal vacuum test in January
2. UNISEC celebrated its 15th anniversary on 27 January 2018
3. Read all about BIRDS-1 deployment (last summer) at JAXA’s website
4. Getting an ISSN (Int’l Standard Serial Number) in Japan
5. Nepal’s first satellite (a BIRDS-3 CubeSat) is announced on television
6. 15th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, at Cal Poly, 30-April thru 2-May, 2018
7. 32nd Annual Small Satellite Conference, 4-9 August 2018, Logan, Utah, USA
8. Join the “Lean Satellite Project” of Kyutech
9. UNISEC-Global delivers statement and presentation at COPUOS in Vienna
10. The BIRDS-3 weekly meeting
11. “PNST Symposium” mentioned in Japanese education journal
12. What is Hinamatsuri?
13. The BIRDS Project and Cho Lab aggressively implements “5S”
14. Mid-winter snow falls on northern Kyushu
15. The three flight models of BIRDS-2 (Philippines, Malaysia, and Bhutan)
16. A simple farewell dinner for Dr Huzaimy of Malaysia
17. BIRDS-2 camera quality tests
18. The list of BIRDS articles that appeared in the news media last year
19. Ghana coastline captured by camera of Kyutech HORYU-IV satellite
20. First Ground Station Operation Workshop @ Kyutech --- 22 Jan - 01 Feb (2018)
21. BIRDS-2 satellite passes over ground stations
22. Vibration testing of BIRDS-2 flight models
23. Photos of the assembly of BIRDS-2 flight models
24. Some BIRDS-3 activities during Jan-Feb 2018
25. Kenya gathers its strength for taking the plunge into space (Kenya is a candidate for involvement in BIRDS-4)
26. A visitor from the Royal University of Bhutan

Newsletter 26:
Issue No. 26 was released on 14 March, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [9.2MB]

Contents of issue No. 26
1. Article about “BRAC ONNESHA” (BIRDS-1 satellite) appears in QS WOWNEWS
2. News media of Nepal moves into gear for BIRDS-3
3. A good maxim: “The best way to learn something is to teach it.”
4. Some key slides from the January SEIC lecture by Prof. Jordi of Cal Poly
5. BIRDS-3 has a monthly pot luck dinner party – scenes of 24 Feb. 2018
6. An inspiring TED talk by Danielle Wood of MIT
7. BIRDS-2 press conference: Material presented by Joven, Project Manager
8. BIRDS-2 press conference: Lunch before the press conference
9. BIRDS-2 press conference: The main event
10. BIRDS-2 press conference: Tour of the clean room with the BIRDS-2 flight models
11. BIRDS-2 press conference: Article by Yomi-uri newspaper
12. ISEF underway in Japan
13. BIRDS-2 “Fit check“
14. Masui sensei discusses for 40 minutes the satellites of LaSEINE – including BIRDS
15. Ghana and Kyutech mentioned in “Via Satellite”
16. Individual reports of “First Ground Station Operation Workshop”
17. Would you like to study space engineering at Kyutech?
18. MAYA-1 (BIRDS-2 of the Philippines) mentioned by newspaper
19. BIRDS-1 student views the launch of Flight No.38 (H-IIA rocket)
20. Bangladesh BIRDS-1 team is recognized by ACI Group
21. BIRDS-2 Flight Model End-to-End Test
22. Farewell and appreciation party for Students Nakamura and Tokunaga
23. Special Training Sessions of BIRDS-3 – Capacity Building in action
24. "Dal Bhat" -- food of Nepal

Newsletter 27:
Issue No. 27 was released on 27 April, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [10.6MB]

Contents of issue No. 27
1. Kyutech receives prestigious “Space Development and Utilization Award (Minister of Foreign Affairs)”
2. Guest Box [seen at the right] continued
3. BIRDS-2: Long range radio test between Kyutech and a nearby mountain top
4. Superb 9-min. video by our SEIC-PNST student from Kenya
5. Lecture by G.Maeda in Kenya to promote space engineering
6. BIRDS Project requires the use of a solar simulator
7. You are encouraged to use the material found in this newsletter
8. How to download the 33-page Kyutech “Handbook for International Students“
9. The 2nd BIRDS International Workshop in Ghana: Media presence
10. BIRDS students attend JAMSAT meeting
11. Take note: Image sensors are getting better and better
12. Spring Orientation (2018, Kyutech): Prof Cho introduces SEIC to Japanese grad students
13. All back issues of the LaSEINE Annual Report are available on line
14. Bhutan students are interviewed for radio program in Bhutan
15. GEDC Airbus Diversity award is written up in Kyutech periodical
16. Dates of 3rd BIRDS International Workshop, in Mongolia
17. Prime Minister of Bhutan meets the President of JAXA on 11 April 2018
18. Project Manager of BIRDS-3 (Abhas) took an extended visit to Nepal for affairs of BIRDS-3
19. Media Watch: BIRDS-3 described on television in Nepal
20. Introduction to the S & F mission of BIRDS-3
21. BIRDS-2 students visit remote station in Bhutan
22. BIRDS-3: Structure and glue
23. BIRDS-3: OBC work
24. A short video showing how solar cells are glued to satellite surface
25. BIRDS-2 bowling competition

Newsletter 28:
Issue No. 28 was released on 18 May, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [11MB]

Contents of issue No. 28
1. Kyutech President recognizes the importance of diversity in March 2018 commencement address
2. News about the UN's SDG initiative
3. BIRDS-2 team socializes over pizza
4. Fifth UNISEC-Global Meeting Photo Report
5. UiTM web news: UiTM team meets the Dean
6. BIRDS is explained on Gunter's Space Page
7. Facebook of BIRDS-3 – have a look
8. UN small sat symposium in Brazil
9. National Space Museum being built in Nigeria
10. Kyutech visits Landmark Univ. in Nigeria
11. Reminder to acknowledge the support of JSPS
12. A rocket designed for CubeSats
13. Kyutech participates in TAS: Transform Africa Summit in Rwanda
14. Thai students of Kyutech create video to promote SEIC
15. Visit of Bhutan by members of Kyutech
16. Report about BIRDS-2 and Bhutan, delivered to Kyutech President
17. BIRDS-3: Data Collection Mission Updates from Sri Lanka
18. BIRDS-3: Activities during April - May 2018
19. BIRDS-3: Media watch in Nepal
20. BIRDS-3: Frequency coordination for the case of Japan
21. BIRDS-3: PDR (Preliminary Design Review)
22. BIRDS-3: Thermal Analysis
23. BIRDS-3: Summary of special training sessions, and new year celebration
24. BIRDS-3: Thermal cycles test

Newsletter 29:
Issue No. 29 was released on 21 June, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [10MB]

Contents of issue No. 29
1. Development of a ground sensor terminal in the Philippines
2. About the PHL-Microsat Team
3. JAXA writes up the handover of BIRDS-2 from Kyutech to JAXA
4. JAXA creates an adhesive decal for KiboCUBE ★ BIRDS
5. What is KiboCUBE?
6. Nigerian Union’s annual Momochi Beach Party was attended by some members of BIRDS
7. Establishing space activities in non-space faring nations – examples from BIRDS
8. The API for BIRDS-2 Project has been published by ITU on their BR-IFIC release
9. BIRDS and Africa -- a presentation at UN workshop in South Africa
10. BIRDS-2 flight models
11. This newsletter is in the public domain
12. Zimbabwe to launch a national space agency
13. JAXA selects service provider
14. Brief report of 15th ANNUAL CUBESAT DEVELOPERS WORKSHOP at Cal Poly
15. BIRDS-2 team delivers their satellites to JAXA in Tsukuba
16. Celebration of delivery of BIRDS-2 flight models to JAXA (see previous section)
17. The latest promotional material from UNISEC-Global
18. BIRDS-3: Activities during May - June 2018
19. BIRDS-3: OBC Progress
20. BIRDS-3: Communication Subsystem
21. BIRDS-3: Outreach activity in Nepal
22. BIRDS-3: Frequency coordination issues
23. BIRDS-3: ADCS - Attitude Determination and Control System
24. BIRDS-3: Battery screening
25. BIRDS-3: New structure

Newsletter 30:
Issue No. 30 was released on 21 July, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [13MB]

Contents of issue No. 30
1. Kyutech and UNISEC-Global attended COPUOS/UNISPACE+50 at the UN in Vienna
2. A letter from Dr Pauline Faure to the BIRDS Family; and “Back Stage”
3. BIRDS students followed the World Cup with intense interest
4. An update on space programs in Latin America
5. Get ready for “Tobata Gion Festival 2018”
6. University Laboratory for Small Satellites and Space Engineering Systems (ULyS3ES)
7. Japan’s Hayabusa-2 space probe arrives at its asteroid destination
8. UN Register of Objects Launched into Outer Space
9. Mongolia’s registration of its BIRDS-1 satellite (launched in 2017)
10. Launch of BIRDS-2 was viewed at Kyutech
11. BIRDS-2 launch: media reports from the Philippines
12. BIRDS-2 launch: media reports from Malaysia
13. BIRDS-2 launch: media reports from Bhutan
14. BIRDS-2 launch described by “spacetech – asia”
15. New Kyutech promotional video
16. A propulsion system for possible use in CubeSat constellations
17. BIRDS-2 launch excitement at the Philippines
18. Olayinka’s World – Column #1
19. BIRDS-3: Activities of June-July 2018
20. BIRDS-3: Preparing for the Critical Design Review (CDR)
21. BIRDS-3: Thermal Vacuum Testing
22. BIRDS-3: Anechoic Chamber Test
23. BIRDS-3: Ground component of data collection system
24. BIRDS-3: Additional thermal cycling
25. Some of the new SEIC students arriving in the fall
26. The Airbus GEDC Diversity Award
27. Guest article by Gladys Yaa Saah Oppong (Ghana)
28. BBQ, BIRDS-2 & BIRDS-3
29. 1KUNS-PF, Kenya’s first satellite
30. BIRDS described in Japanese aviation magazine (March 2018)
31. Symposium about the int'l aspects of space development – at the Univ. of Tokyo, 29 June
32. The 2018 UNISEC T-shirt design (probable design)
33. Mast goes up for the ground station at FUTA, Nigeria
34. "Space Enable Research Group" is launched by Dr Wood at MIT Media Lab
35. Special travel section on Japan

Newsletter 31:
Issue No. 31 was released on 28 August, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [26MB]

Contents of issue No. 31
1. Construction of the BIRDS-2 ground station in Bhutan
2. Receiving satellite signals can be easier than you realize
3. IAF Emerging Space Leaders (ESL) selected for Year 2018
4. Member of BIRDS-1 team secures one of the the Emerging Space Leaders awards
5. Definition and Requirements of Small Satellites Seeking Low-Cost and Fast-Delivery
6. Rough course of operations after the deployment of BIRDS-2
7. Infostellar is an important partner of the BIRDS Project
8. September cultural events in Kitakyushu, from Q magazine
9. The world of home-made CubeSats
10. Tobata Gion Yamagasa Festival defied the approach of Typhoon No. 12
11. Monthly BIRDS-3 Pot Luck Dinner, and birthday celebration for Pooja
12. JICA and NUST send-off Senior (recipient of ABE Initiative Scholarship)
13. Kyutech upgrades the English version of its official web site on the Internet
14. Two items from Bangladesh
15. BIRDS is mentioned in small satellite market report
16. New Kyutech promotional video is out
17. Olayinka's World – Column #2
18. Reminder to acknowledge the support of JSPS
19. Open campus – Tobata campus of Kyutech
20. Kyutech competes in “Student Formula Japan”
21. Review of the members of the BIRDS-3 team
22. On their way to JAXA for BIRDS-2 PV, Philippines delegation visited Kyutech
23. JAXA hosts PV (Public Viewing) of BIRDS-2 deployment at Tsukuba Space Center
24. Video about MAYA-1 – BIRDS-2 satellite of the Philippines
25. Video by the students of BIRDS-3 team
26. Public viewing of BIRDS-2 deployment at Tobata Campus of Kyutech
27. Photo of the BIRDS-3 Engineering Model (EM)
28. If you have a chance to view a H-IIA rocket launch at Tanegashima, take it
29. Japan Government provides info about Japan once per month via newsletter
31. The QSL cards of BIRDS-2
32. SPATIUM is a sister project of BIRDS
33. BIRDS-3: Monthly act-ivities, July-August, 2018
34. BIRDS-3: Attending fireworks wearing yukata
35. BIRDS-3: Support documentation for frequency application
36. BIRDS-3: Thermal vacuum testing photo report
37. BIRDS-3: OBC EM Testing
38. BIRDS-3: Solar Cell Integration Procedure Meeting (BIRDS I, II, III and Spatium)
39. BIRDS-3: Engineering model
40. BIRDS-3: Antenna testing in anechoic chamber
41. 3BIW: The 3rd BIRDS International Workshop (in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

Newsletter 32:
Issue No. 32 was released on 21 September, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [8.01MB]

Contents of issue No. 32
1. 32nd ISTS (Int'l Symp. on Space Tech. and Science) and 9th NSAT (Nano-sat Symp.)
2. JAXA interviews Prof Cho about the features of Aoba-VELOX 4
3. Check out the Facebook photos and videos of CLTP 9 [organized by UNISEC-Global]
4. Sixth UNISEC-Global Meeting is on track
5. JAXA makes a 41-minute video about the deployment of BIRDS-2
6. BIRDS-2 news from NASA website
7. BIRDS/SPATIUM/AV4 students study and relax at summer camp
8. Kyutech's ABE Fellows, Hind and Senior, arrive in Japan for orientation sessions by JICA
9. JAXA and Tohoku Univ. organize 15th Space Environment Symposium
10. BIRDS PI attends ICeSSAT in Malaysia
11. Olayinka's World – Column #3
12. BIRDS-3: Activities on Aug-Sept 2018 (Abhas)
13. BIRDS-3: Critical Design Review (CDR)
14. BIRDS-3: Thermal Analysis
15. BIRDS-3: Trip to Nagasaki by team members
16. BIRDS-3: LaSEINE Summer Camp (see also Section 7)
17. BIRDS-3: Outgas Testing
18. BIRDS-3: Testing in the anechoic chamber
19. BIRDS students celebrate the wedding of Dr Masui

Newsletter 33:
Issue No. 33 was released on 18 October, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [9.4MB]

Contents of issue No. 33
1. Tutors (for incoming overseas students) received a training session
2. A visit to ICSWSE (Kyu Dai@Ito Campus) to consult on matters of BIRDS-3 magnetometer
3. Kyutech Open Campus is written up in “Kyutech Journal“
4. Kyutech Fall Commencement Ceremony for Graduate Students
5. BIRDS-2 mentioned in “CQ Ham Radio” magazine
6. Welcome new SEIC students (Kyutech entrance ceremony)
7. Welcome message from the Graduate School Office
8. Staying in touch with the global space industry: Attending IAC in Bremen, Germany
9. SEIC Orientation – general explanations to the incoming batch of new SEIC students
10. INVITATION TO ALL BIRDS GRADUATES: We welcome your news as articles
11. Antenna protection during violent storms
12. A report from UiTM in Malaysia
13. BIRDS-2 CW Decoding Competition
14. BIRDS-3: Monthly activities report
15. BIRDS-3: Magnetometer calibration at Sasaguri (Kyushu Univ. facility)
16. BIRDS-3: The news from Nepal
17. Abstract dead line for 32nd ISTS & 9th NSAT, all students should take note

Newsletter 34:
Issue No. 34 was released on 21 November, 2018. Download the pdf here.. [16MB]

Contents of issue No. 34
1. Applications for 2019 PNST are now being accepted at UNOOSA website
2. Adolfo of Paraguay arrives at Kyutech on 5 Nov. 2018
3. Staying in tune with the space industry of the Asia-Pacific region, APRSAF
4. The SEIC seminar conducted by the students on topics of their choice
5. A visit to Panama and Paraguay
6. NASRDA hosted the 7th edition of the African Leadership Conference (ALC) on Space Science
7. Secure World Foundation presented good material at ALC in Abuja, Nigeria
8. ISSN registration for this newsletter has been formally completed by the gov’t of Japan
9. A photo report by Dr. Kurita of BIRDS-4 of Paraguay
10. GLEC2019, Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries
11. The UiTMSAT report on IAC in Bremen
12. A discussion of “Kente” – special contribution from Ghana
13. The public viewing in Bhutan of BIRDS-2 deployment as reported by a JAXA rep
14. Olayinka's World – Column #4
15. BIRDS-4 weekly meeting of Wednesday, 14 November 2018
16. Activities report by PHL-Microsat Communications Team (Philippines)
17. Report of internship at UNOOSA
18. BIRDS written up in eBook issued by Airbus (Diversity Award)
19. BIRDS-3: Monthly activity report
20. BIRDS-3: Long distance test report
21. BIRDS-3: Dipole antenna vibration test and structure analysis
22. BIRDS-3: Despatch Chamber Test for BIRDS-3 Dipole Antenna
23. BIRDS-3: Outreach activities in Nepal
24. TIHAR FESTIVAL in Nepal: A Symbol of Health, Respect, Relationships, and Prosperity
25. BIRDS-4: Self intros by each member